Al Gore – Mogul or Oracle?

We are all familiar with Mr Gore or algore as Rush likes to call him. He has won an Oscar and  an Emmy and apparently made lots  and lots of money in his climate change(aka global warming ) mission. Along the way, he has in some quarters reached a near oracle stage. His pronouncements are  legendary and accepted by pretty much everyone, particularly the members of Congress. He isn’t received there with awe but with something akin to it.

My question is whether you can be a mogul, a wealthy climate change entrepeneur and at the same  time be  dedicated to with near religious fervor to  your cause. Now, bear in mind that I don’t much care if Gore gets wealthy from climate change(wait, he already has) because he will not be the only one. As he said, he is just putting his money where his mouth has been, Electric cars(how and from where will we generate all the needed electricity) but not all of it.

Gore still speaks in somewhat apocalyptic terms regarding climate change. We are in the front car of the roller coaster and it is headed for  a crash. Then he praises the administration’s climate committment as well as that of China. They are planting trees like crazy and will soon lead the world in solar and wind power. A number of these statements came in an ABC  interview just recently. I didnt  see the clip so I can only imagine the impact which they must have had. Oh, he’ snot quite ready to become  a vegetarian as some climate changers would advocate.

I suppose my problem, such as it is, lies largely in the sacrifices which he urges on many, if not all. Save energy, economize, cut back, etc. They do not always gibe with his own lifestyle. My main issue always seems to come with te house. Mr Gore has  a mega sized home in Tennessee. More power to him(no pun intended) but imagine the electricity it has to use, no matter the source. So, he buys carbon offsets or something. What  exactly does that mean? From whom does one buy them, are they costly,etc.

Now, he has his books printed on recycled paper, donates proceeds to charity,etc All well and good. But  I shall the topic of  Mr Gore with two comments . In January, 2006, he predicted that we only had 10 years to save the earth and the second to paraphrase Dr Donald Mallard Of NCIS who made a similar statement regarding Gibbs. With Mr Gore and climate change, I always seem to have more questions than answers.


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  1. Gore is now saying that civil disobedience may be a justifiable way to promote the global warming message,. Picket the polluters and no telling what else.

    Comment by Tarheeltalker | November 6, 2009 | Reply

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