Why Vote?

Short question that could generate  a virtually  unlimited number of answers, I guess. Because we are supposed to, I don’t know, it’s the American way, use it or lose it, to get my candidate elected, to defeat the candidate I don’t like, etc. I know there are many more, some very meaningful and others not so much.

I read one yesterday that I don’t think I had seen before, but upon reflection, it may be all too common. But I hope that it isn’t.

There was  a meeting or forum, I guess here in our community a couple of days ago at Elizabeth City State University. The event was hosted by the N.C. Legislative Black Caucus and featured 9  state legislators addressing  and listening to  a packed auditorium of ECSU students. Brief historical reference here. I applaud the legislators for holding the event  and the students for attending in such good numbers. i am not so sure that a similar event held when I was  a college student would have done nearly as well.

So, the meeting was  agood idea and  a good opportunity for give and take between the legislators and the assembled students. One question and its answer intrigued me just a bit. One student asked what was one supposed  to do when the local community did not support his university? His question was apparently based on his statement that the local Wal-Mart stocked apparel and  merchandise from East Carolina University in Greenville (about 2 hours away) and the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill (about 3 hours away). Ok, a legitimate question for him. But the answer which I might have expected would deal with retail or economic issues, was  a surprise.

The answer came from Rep Alma Adams of Guilford County. This is what she said.”You can control everything that’s going on by making sure that you vote.” She added that “if you sit down, if you don’t vote, people will continue to do what they want to do.”

Perhaps, I mis-interpreted her answer but it seemed to me that she was saying the reason to vote is control. If you want to control what is going on you vote. If you choose not to vote, you relinquish that control.

Very interesting response, I thought.


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