The Peril Of North Korea

So, now they are a  problem. One of the charter members of George Bush’s much maligned “axis of evil” is now a threat. And, furthermore, it poses threats that are” even more lethal and destabilizing” than before. I am unsure what is the significant  part of that, lethal and destabilizing or before. I have to ask, before what or perhaps when?

The comments referred to were made by Defense Secretary Robert Gates upon his arrival yesterday in Seoul. In speaking to a group composed of American and South Korean troops, Gates made a clear reference to the unacceptable possibility of North Korea possessing nuclear weapons.

It seems that in rather typical North Korean fashion, mixed messages are being sent. Release detainees (thank you Mr Clinton), engage in short range missile tests.

But, in spite of North Korea’s hinting at being part of the nuclear club, Gates is  saying, no way. I applaud that. A nuclear armed North Korea would be  a nightmare on several levels. So, Gates affirmation of our support for South Korea is to be commended.

Of course, on this side of the Pacific, Secretary Clinton chimed in with these comments. The United States will never have a normal relationship with North Korea until it abandons its nuclear program. Sanctions will not be relaxed “until Pyongyang takes verifiable, irreversible steps toward complete denuclearization.” Wonder if she intends to meet with North Korea’s #2 nuclear negotiator Ri  Gun, when he arrives in Washington?

Could be verrry interesting. We say no more nukes, they say ?


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