They Call The Wind Sharia

Not really, of course, but it just sounded good when I said it, so let  us move  along. Probably most of us have at best at only a limited understanding of what sharia is. We have heard of it , but are probably not quite able to explain it and certainly don’t understand it. Since it is somewhat significant in the Islamic world, it behooves to have a working knowledge at least.

So, what is  it and where is it etc.? Broadly speaking, it is Islamic law based on the Koran. But it is actually more than just law in the sense that we think of it and there are several variations. (Fast fact, the literal meaning of the word is the path to the watering place. ) It guides all aspects of Muslim life including  relgious obligations as well as  familial relations. There are branches that have developed throughout Islamic countries, some being liberal and some conservative. The conservative branch or Hanbali school is dominant in Saudi Arabia and among the Taliban.

Marriage and divorce are the most prominent aspects while criminal punishment is the most controversial. The really severe punishments or Hadd are not often used officially but are resorted to in a vigilante sense.

Now, I realize that this is but  acursory knowledge at best, but I wanted to use this as background in discussing an Obama adviser’s recent comments about loving Sharia.

Her name is Dalia Mogahed and she is the president’s adviser on Muslim affairs. By the way, she sees her job as  “to convey …to the President and other public officials  what it is Muslims want.” Quite a mouthful of food for thought there. But is fits well with comments she made on British television  about Sharia and Islam itself not being well understood. Probably some truth there. She says our view of Sharia law is misunderstood and many Islamic women  support it. Wonder how much choice they have?

Anyway, the show on which she appeared was  hosted by  a member of  Hizb-ut-Tahrir. This group is considered terrorist by many countries and is also an advocate of  Sharia being the source of legislation. She apparently did not counter her hosts in any of their attacks on the West.

Now, I realize that Britain must be more advanced than us when they can have such a broadcast (bet our time is coming) but I would have hoped for a  different approach than she took, more pro western , perhaps.

At the rate things are moving in Europe perhaps we will get to see more and more evidence of Sharia in all its  benefience. Scary, huh?


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