Those MIT Folks Are Really……..

Smart, that they are. NCIS fans will note that our own Timothy McGee is  a MIT grad and we all know how smart he is. I actually had a reasonably close acquaintance, now deceased, who was a MIT guy and he was definitely smart. But sometimes, well, let’s just allow Professor Noam  Chomsky to speak  a little for himself and see what we think.

Dr Chomsky is a professor of linguistics and  philosophy at the Massachusetts university. He spoke recently at the Commonwealth Club in San Francisco ( good choice for a liberal activist) and talked about what he sees are parallels between the United States today and Germany in the 1920’s, in its pre – Nazi days. Brief aside, aren’t we all getting weary of the Nazi comparisons from all sides? Now back to the professor who sort of covered himself on his analogy in advance, by saying it was not perfect. But onward he went.

He alluded to the right-wing media as actually having substantive content, but labeled it aa crazy content. His point seemed to be that if those who heed the right wingers don;t get answers from  a more  legitimate source that the country cpuld be headed down a treacherous path towards demagouery?  The prescriptin he seeme dto advocate is that Americans need to be educated about what is happening to them.

Listen to what else he said. Germany in the 1920’s was “at the peak of Western civilization.” A decade later, it was at the pits of human history.” Not sure that I follow all that. Germany in 1920’s, if I recall my history, was defeated country, having lost WWI, somewhat decisively; and falling into som ereal,economic turmoil. They were indeed ripe for someone with a restore the power an dglory message. Alas, that person was Hitler.

Don’t want to wander to far out on that limb but it seems Chomsky’s history memory is just a bit off kilter. Not a problem, he did mention Limabugh as on eof those right winger types. Guess w ecan cut him slack on the history.


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