Damaged Goods

NCIS is off to  a great start in season#7. Good ole surprises and a number of where did that come from and wonder where they will go with thats. At the en dof last night’s episode, Ziva petitions or requests  to become  a full fledged special agent and even resigns from Mossad. We note Gibbs’ hesitation as the show ends. Previews show Director Vance referring to her as “damaged goods” which he has done before.

This really set Mrs THT off  since she is more pro Ziva and  particularly since she did not like  the term  goods as referring to an individual. I tended to agree with her on both counts. But, having reflected a  bit today, i wonder if the description is more apropos than we realized at first glance, not to Ziva, but to us all.

I do not want to go too far theologically,since my son and his wife ae better versed in that area than I. But I do want to toss out an idea or two. I think that based on scriptural teachings,an excellent case can be made that we are all damaged goods. And, by that, I don’t mean it in the way that the NCIS writers probably  did.

We are not taught to do wrong, rather it seems to come  somewhat naturally. We are taught to do right.We must learn right from wrong rather it being innate. I am less inclined to believe in the effects of surroundings  or environment on how we act but instead it is just our nature that we bring into the world.

The astors and theologians  can expound better than I but I would just toss a scripture reference or two to illustrate. There is none good  from the New Testament book of Romans and from the same source, all have fallen short.

Just a few thoughts to ponder.



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