Cheering and Booing

If you have ever been to at least 1 sporting event, you have no doubt engaged in both of the above behaviors. And it’s ok, right? We pay our money for a ticket, for parking, for concessions, for the gear of our favorite team, so we should have a say. Boo the opponent, cheer for our team. How about when it is our team that is lousy. They were supposed to win, they stink, so we have aright to boo, to express our displeasure.

i have done those very things, booed “my” team when they disappointed me. But, I must confess a bit of doubt has crept into the vacant spaces in my mind(yes, I know, there are probably a lot of those) about whether my actions are appropriate. I have reached some conclusions, probably not definitive ones, but some that seem to work.

North Carolina football went further down the rabbit hole today, with a disappointing loss at home to  a Virginia team they were supposed to defeat, Quarterback T J Yates had another disappointing game  while Robert Quinn defensive efforts provided  about the only bright spot.

My sister and her husband attended the game and she called me about 3/4  of the  way through and let me know that the score wa s 6-3, to our detriment. I thought for a moment she was hallucinating since she is recovering from a surgical procedure, not so, she said. She related some of the significant booing through the stadium, directed at Yates, offensive co-ordinator John Shoop and head coach Butch Davis. She promised to call again if things improved.

Somewhat later in the pm, she had not called. So I called her and got the sad but true finale. She related how the booing had increased and perhaps gotten a bit more specific, even.

That call and how we both seemed inclined to defend the players, is what got me on this train of thought. These are young men, by and large 18-22 years of age. Sure, they have scholarships, but they are not pros. They have not yet reached the stage of earning large sums of money to play this game and the vast majority never will. With college players, it just should be different, I think. They have not “earned” the privilege of vociferous booing(again, my opinion here) in the way that the big $ guys have. How to react to their disappointing performance, I don’t know. Hard to call them overpaid, but  I guess that  could make the coaches fair game. If you feel inclined to chastise your college team in print or online etc, just remember, they are not play for ap, so  give them a break, if you can.

Besides, the soccer team plays tomorrow and basketball season is coming soon.


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