It’s Alive, It’s Alive

What is it? Why it is the vast right-wing conspiracy. Or so says Bill Clinton. And he says that it is out to get Obama, just as it wa  sout to get him. Short refresher course. It was then first lady, Hilary Clinton, who first came up with term during the Lewinsky years of days gone by. She told Matt Lauer that this amorphous thing, this conspiracy, was after her husband.

So, now the term has resurfaced, about 12  or so years later. I believe if I were Mr Clinton, I would have chosen another phrase to describe this idea of his . The first thing it does or should do is to bring back memories of times that were not his finest. Why he used that term, who knows.

He says that it isn’t as strong but it is just  as virulent as ever. This in an interview on  Meet the Press with David Gregory. This was on Sunday, just a few days after a great and glorious New York meeting hosted by Clinton. At that time the President hailed him as a person “… who has helped improve and save the lives of millions.”

Now it is Clinton a bit morose, but just a bit. Interestingly, he talks about  the Republicans actions ( and makes  a veiled Limbaugh reference) as  being    not very good for the country. That echoes what Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood said just a few days ago. It brings me back to this thought. What  does Clinton, et al want Republicans to do? Vote aye on all the Democrats proposals, cheer Obama on the world stage or just quietly go away? What did Democrats  do when they were the ” loyal opposition” ?

You are loyal and you oppose, right? How much and what do you oppose? Who decides how much opposition is alright? Sure, any party in power wants  as little opposition as it can get. Where is the line and who draws it?

It was also a bit amusing to note that some disagreed with Clinton and almost called the conspiracy, not  diminshing in size, but rather growing. So said  Lawrence  O’ Donnell on MSNBC. Who knows? Is there really a right-wing conspiracy, who belongs,how does one join, how does one even knew if they belong?

Alas, probably only ” The shadow knows.”


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  2. I don’t think I could find a better post to link Barack’s Phony Healthcare Horror Stories to.

    Don’t you just love the lying that the democrats has been guilty of since they took over the House and Senate plus the White House? I just had to laugh when I read your post, which the Clinton’s are always good for a laugh.

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