Copenhagen Or Bust

By now we know that both the president and first lady will be off to Denmark this week. Why, not just the shopping, but maybe there will be  time for that also. No, we have bigger fish to catch,the 2016 Summer Olympics for Chicago. Do sitting presidents usually throw the   prestige of their office behind  such efforts?  Not sure. Maybe he already had a Denmark trip on the schedule. Sure, major ally there. Of course, nothing is too good for Chicago.

Perhaps even more interesting than the Obamas  joing the campaign is word that maybe Chicagoans don’t really want the games so much anymore. The cost figures are probably a bit scary, the city’s finances are not so good and    why  did we want this honor anyway?

Chicago Tribune numbers showed a 2-1 majority in support of the bid in February. Now it is about even;47% for and  45% against. Suppose that $300 million city budget deficit which had to be covered was a factor. Oh yes, there have even been mandatory shutdown days for some  city services,such as  libraries and sanitation. But not to worry. Obamas + Mayor Richard Daley may yet bring home the bid.

After all, who possibly could Madrid,Tokyo or Rio de Janeiro match in starpower. Still, I vote for Rio. Brazil has never been a host nor has any other South American country. Tokyo  had it in 1964, Barcelona, Spain in 1992 and we  just had it 1996. Better make  that  call to the International Olympic Committee quickly or the Chicago mafia will take over the show,


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  1. Michelle Malkin has a great post today about the Olympic trip including the word that Valerie Jarrett is going.

    Comment by tarheeltalker | September 28, 2009 | Reply

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