“A Spoonful of Sugar Makes the Medicine Go Down”

…. in a most delightful way.” Or, so said Julie Andrews in the classic Mary Poppins from way  back in 1964, her movie debut and the winner of 5 Oscars. Today, we have substitutes for the sugar and the med. They are courtesy of my Tar Heels. The sugar is the spine tingling win by the Lady Tar Heels in soccer over Duke(even better) and the medicine is alas, courtesy of the football Heels. Having reached giddy poll heights, they trekked to Atlanta and were wrecked by the Yellow Jackets.

Thankfully, I had to work  and was spared the sad but necessary duty of watching the Heels football miseries. I knew it was bad when Mrs THT, nominal football fan, could only say, I saw their touchdown,singular. At least they were not shut out and as the saying goes, there is always next week. Ironically, I attended their game against Georgia Tech last year in Chapel Hill, which had aa positive outcome. Shoulda seen this one coming. Bright side, the Associated Press voters saw fit to eject Carolina from the top 25. Glad that overconfidence is gone.

Ok, got that medicine ready, sugar is on the way via  a  2-1  overtime soccer win at Fetzer Field. The Heels were missing some key players due to injuries and national team commitments ( go USA, I guess) so other players had to step and  that  they did. Freshman Alyssa Rich of Cincinnati,Oh scored with 3:01 left in the first overtime to seal the win. Quite a way to celebrate her first career start.

High point soph Maria Lubrano scored the match’s first goal with less than 7 minutes to go but Duke to credit tied the match with about a minute to go. Great conference opening win. Oh, forgot to mention that the Heels are numero uno in the nation. Also freshman goalie Hannah Daly acquitted herself well in her first career start.

Playing like a girl indeed and  quite well thank you very much. Remember Carolina is  a   women’s soccer school anyway as Coach Smith observed many years ago, slightly tongue-in-cheek.


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