Just Another Day at the United Nations

Today at the UN  has been quite an eventful occasion. Had you been privilged  or forced to be in attendance, just think who  you could have heard. Of course, there was Obama( great picture of him sitting in the big chair, nicknamed a throne by TOTUS and it does look the part just a bit. There was our old  friend Fidel Castro and there was even the head of the African Union, the esteemed Moammar Khadafy. And there were others. But this trio will do.

Beginning in reverse order, what did the Libyan head honcho have to say? Well, here goes. “It’s just a shame that we can’t have Obama as president of the United States forever. We’ve only got a rare moment in time while Obama, an African, is president of the United States to actually fix the problems of the world because once Obama’s gone the American people, the United States, is going to go back to being its ugly self again.” Or as Dr Chu put it, like teenagers who don’t have a clue. Wow, the President’s own speechwriters couldn’t have done any better. Hope that Obama spoke afterwards  because that was a whale of an introduction.

What did Fidel have to add ?  One correction, Fidel was not actually at the UN but did quote liberally from Obama’s speech He also said this. ” It would only be fair to recognize that no other United  States president would have had the courage to say what he said. To what was he referring? Well, the President’ s admission of America;s past errors of course, particularly on climate change.

Now, on to the President’s remarks. By the way, he received a good bit of applause. No wonder, he told theses folks what they wanted to hear. ” I have ordered Gitmo closed.” ( still there for the moment), we are leaving Iraq,we have reengaged the UN, have paid our bills(?) and have joined the human rights council.

Oh, there is much, much more. These next are quite interesting. Read them closely. No balance of power will hold, one nation or group of people cannot be  elevated over another, power is a zero-sum game. Oh, those naughty Israelis. Now, if I am Russia, I am loving this stuff. And, perhaps for this reason. I will quote Rush. “He’s serving up the United States on a silver platter to the rest of the world.”

Now, it would be great if all nations and people got along. No alpha dog, no superpowers, etc. An old adage keeps ringing in my ears, something about nature abhorring a vacuum. In terms of power, I believe it to hold true   as well. Is he  preaching appeasement? Not so much, I don’t think, but I fear he is sending the wrong message, one  labeled by Mark Helprin in the WSJ as the politics of concession. What  comes from this and when is still to be decided.


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  1. If I was the president of The United States of America I would not speak at the United Nation terrorist get together, but then again Barack Hussien Obama fits right in with Moammar Khadafy and Iran’s terrorist leader. Obama shames America with his “I did this in the first 9 months….I did this, I……..
    Obama is full of himself being a wanna-be king of the World when he’s a no body, dumb and stupid!
    Plus don’t forget he lies…even to the senior citizens of this great Nation.

    Joe Wilson is more a man than Obama will ever be…He at least called him on his lies where no one else dared. By-the-way Joe Wilson has surpassed $2 million dollars for his campaign as of today.

    Take a look at this Video: http://goodtimepolitics.com/2009/09/22/congressional-budget-office-medicare-benefits-could-be-cut/

    Comment by goodtimepolitics | September 23, 2009 | Reply

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