Pelosi Speaks

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, D, Ca has had an interesting few days. Earlier in the week she was asked about the Senate vote to defund ACORN. Said she had no clue , knew nothing about it. Today, she said that House action would be under the jurisdiction of the Appropriations Committee. Kinda fancy no comment it seems. Beside she went on to say all of the folks at ACORN aren’t the problem.

Now, today in her weekly press conference, she got emotional. Her comments compare the rhetoric and political climate  in the country today to that of San Francisco in the late 70’s when gay activist Harvey Milk was killed. She says further that if  some of the current rhetoric incites violence that those who spoke in such  a way are responsible. While speaking  Ms Pelosi choked up and became teary. Is her emotion genuine, hard to say about that. Her political career sorta got jump started after Milk’s murder and she probably was acquainted with him.

What disturbs me  some is her implication that if the rhetoric is not toned down, there could be violence. True, she named no names or groups but if pressed, I feel certain that we all know which end of the political spectrum to which she is referring. Is there angry rhetoric on the conservative  that could be toned down? Sure. Is there rhetoric on the non conservative that needs to curb its enthusiasm(using the Speaker’s phrase) ? Yes again. In case no names come to mind, try Olbermann, Rep Pete Stark, D. Ca,  and maybe even Madame Speaker who used the Nazi designation in describing protesters.

Again, this is what the thought to which I return. I will use  a quote from Hilary Clinton that is on the front page of one of my fellow bloggers;WarrantOneGirl. Remember this is from Hilary Clinton and was uttered during the Bush Administration.

“I am sick and tired of people who call you unpatriotic if you debate this administration’s policies. we are Americans and we have the right to participate and debate any administration.”

This quote as applied to today reminds me of something I witnessed as a child. My father keep some chickens in a back lot. In the evening they would flock back to an old tree to spend the night. You could call it returning home to roost. I feel certain that having lived in the largely rural state of Arkansas for a time, Secretary Clinton  would grasp the analogy.

(If you are interested, YouTube has  the referenced video of the Speaker’s comments . Just type in pelosi violence .)


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  1. Rep Pete Sessions, R, Tx had some great comments in the Washington Post regarding the Speaker’s implications of violence. Got some good congressmen in that state.

    Comment by Tarheeltalker | September 18, 2009 | Reply

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