Biden and Cheney

The veep is in Iraq once again, his 3rd trip this year. We can only hope he says something really Bidenesque that will make the news. But the real reason to mention his trip is to compare it to a trip made by his predecessor, Dick(Darth Vader) Cheney. Today, while Biden was in Baghdad, there was   a mortar attack in the Green Zone, not far from where Biden and  his  traveling party were. Fortunately, no one was injured. Just a few years ago, while Cheney was in Afghanistan there was  an attack  actually aimed at killing  him while  he was there. There were  comments on Huff Po lamenting its failure. These comments were removed. So, then we had  comic genius Bill Maher complain about that action. He went on to say that the world would be a safer place if Cheney had been assassinated .

Ok, now that is the set up for this next. Keith Olbermann had columnist Dan  Savage on his show on September 1. Savage said that  the Michele Bachmann’s and the Glenn Beck’s of the world  were or are , consciously or subconsciously trying to get the President killed. How are they doing this? Their strong opposition to Obamacare, including talk of death panels and the  like. Their comments I  guess are actually attempting to incite someone into killing  the President. Now, what is one  to  do if they are opposed to the President’s healthcare proposals? Is  opposition  verboten ? Seems that way, does it not.

FYI, About all I will add about Mr Savage is that he is a columnist for the  Seattle Stranger.


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