Pariah or What?

Joe (the outspoken) Wilson

Joe (the outspoken) Wilson

Congressman Joe Wilson of upstate  South Carolina is  a Republican in his 5th term in the U S  House of  Representatives. Betcha before last Wednesday you had never heard of him. He is  a native of Charleston, a father of four who have all served in the military in some capacity. I suppose  you could call him a back bencher. But his life has dramatically changed since he uttered a two word phrase  during the President’s speech on health care. “You lie” said Congressman Wilson and the proverbial firestorm has ensued. From earning a stern look of disapproval from Speaker Pelosi, a sad comment from Vice-president Biden, an accusation of racism from some media outlets, a huh from some in South  Carolina, a huzzah from Limbaugh and words of encouragement from Drudge; it has been quite a few days for the Congressman.

Both he and his probable opponent, Rob Miller, have raised tons of money since the outburst. Wilson has since apologized to the President through Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel. However, House leaders are demanding a public apology which he is refusing to do. There could very well be  a vote to admonish him or worse.

So, what does one make of all this? First, a bit of humor, I think. I saw a picture somewhere that showed the two congressmen on either side of Wilson when he made his comment. They looked as they would have rather been anywhere else in the world at that moment. Will that be  how the Republican leadership reacts? Perhaps.

So, what about the comment. Wonder it was the comment or the venue? Senators(see Harry Reid) have called Presidents  liars before, State of the Union speeches have been booed. Even Presidents have called others  in the media, etc liars. I tend to think his comment was poorly timed and also an ill chosen one. I know that tarnishes me  a bit as a c nservative and I can accept that, I  suppose.

I might add that had it been in the House of Commons in England , it would have somewhat routine behavior. let’s just say for a moment, just for the sake of discussion, that Mr Wilson was genuinely convinced that there was info in the speech that was not truthful. What recourse is there that is suitable? Go to your Congressional leadership, make your own speech, go on CNN(oops, sorry), who knows.

Suffice to say that if he is your Congressman, you no longer can speak of having an obscure representative.

FYI , the White House rejected the claim of the esteemed Maureen Dowd that the comment was racist in nature.


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  1. I give Wilson high regards for being man enough to call Obama on the illegal alien healthcare issue, no other congressmen attempted too! In Obama’s speech he called the American people that is against his healthcare liers! The White House and Congress has now put safe guards into the healthcare bill to be sure that illegal aliens would not be allow healthcare benefits. The republicans has been trying for months to get a safe guard in the bill and the democrats has voted each bill down. Wilson has now force a safe guard with his outburst, Thanks Congressman Joe Wilson , wish we had more good men like you!
    Go to the source and read the whole page below for some good details of what been going on with the illegal aliens and healthcare.

    So why, if the White House and Democrats in the House and Senate agree with Republicans on what the policy should be, are the Democrats and their allies in the media spending so much time mischaracterizing an issue and then trying to debunk that issue? Wouldn’t it be far more productive for President Obama to, as FAIR has called on our leadership in Washington to do, come out and endorse the Heller Amendment and just eliminate the illegal alien loophole altogether? (FAIR’s Press Release, August 26, 2009).

    Comment by goodtimepolitics | September 13, 2009 | Reply

  2. Yeah, maybe Congressman Wilson’s outburst was a bit ill-timed; there is indeed a time and place for everything and perhaps that wasn’t it. I’ve never liked it when politicians got into free-for-alls; it’s so gauche and unprofessional (see THT’s reference to the Commons).

    But, the way I see it, the bungled timing of his two-word outburst makes it only more genuine. Wilson wasn’t grandstanding; he wasn’t being a politician. He was being Joe, the guy folks elected to look out for their interests; he was Joe, the conservative American who is appalled, frustrated, sickened, and angered by what he sees going on all around him; by the lies and pervasive insidiousness emanating from the White House – OUR White House.

    I know how he feels. Don’t you?

    Obama wanted this little shindig televised so he could stand up there and shovel us all another load of Black Kow. Since the day he burst on the scene, Obama has been spewing lies to our country – lies about EVERYTHING. As any intelligent, informed, thinking American knows, he is now lying to our faces about a topic – many topics – which is tearing our nation apart.

    Speeches in the proper venues are lost in the sound-byte shuffle; we’re so inundated by them we’re not listening anymore. Joe in his frustration, spontaneously shouted out what the rest of us wish we could, in the one venue in which the nation would hear it. Poor manners? I suppose I would have to agree. Effective? Youbetcha.

    Kudos to you, Joe, for saying what I wish I could. You might not want to make a habit of it, pal, but I hope you come out on top of the media-manufactured maelstrom on the other side.

    Comment by Heather | September 14, 2009 | Reply

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