From One Captain to Another

Or, 2,724 and counting. Yeah, I know, only tied for#52 all time. And, according to  Bob  Molinaro of The Virginian-Pilot, “In the greater scheme of baseball’s  record book, it means relatively little.” Personally, I prefer the comment of George Steinbrenner.

                                 “For those who say today’s game can’t produce legendary players, I have two words. Derek Jeter. Game in and game out, he just produces.”

The all time Yankee hit record was held for some 72 years, by   fellow with a familiar name, Lou Gehrig. He broke the record in 1937. It was  held at that time by another familiar name, guy named Babe Ruth. Rather good line of succession, I would say. Fortunately for Yankee fans, Jeter has not retired yet. Barring injury, he has a  more than reasonable  chance of achieving 3,000 career hits. Perhaps that is a bit more signficant. Anyway,for Jeter it has always been a team game. I feel certain that at the least, making it back to the World Series ranks pretty high on his to do list for this season, hit record aside. Earlier in the season, I posted about their postseason chances. My humble, non expert and seemingly erroneous opinion appears to be mistaken. Quite glad I am  to be proven wrong.

Just recently, one of  my coworkers emailed me some pictures   he took a couple of years ago at a game he attended at the old Yankee Stadium. Being a Red Sox fan, I am certain this was not easy for him. Thanks “Mongo.’ The picture was very much appreciated.

#2, Derek Jeter

#2, Derek Jeter

Full speed ahead to the playoffs and beyond!


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  1. Baseballbriefs.com tracking back From One Captain to Another…

    Baseballbriefs.com tracking back From One Captain to Another…

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