Iran and Venezuela or Hugo and Mahmoud

Now that is a scary twosome. And they seem to have  a lot in common, but with  some notable differences, but not many. Perhaps the main one is that we have  a  picture of Obama and Chavez smiling and shaking hands. And Chavez has spoken of how much more he likes Chavez than Bush. So far, there are no pictures of Obama and Ahmadinejiad.

Chavez has just completed  a tour of  the Middle East  and is being his usual charming self, accusing Israel of genocide against  the Palestinians and seeking to exterminate them. He also said, while in Paris. that there are things about ur foreign policy he doesn’t like. Among them are the installation of U S bases in neighboring Colombia. He inadvertently provided a potential campaign slogan for the Republicans, by saying that  Obama’s election had brought about hope but not change.

Now, what his  OPEC buddy from Iran with nuclear ambitions that seem to be growing. He just recently used a term unfamiliar to me when he referred to Iran’s “nuclear rights” . A very interesting statement indeed, saying they were “undeniable” and non-negotiable.

The two countries are increasing their ties and Chavez’ recent visit was his eighth to Iran. Between them they used terms such as  staunch ally and  expanding the “anti-imperialist” front in the world. Chavez even hinted  at a  nuclear Venezuela  at some future date.

Perhaps my favorite line was how Chavez described his 11 nation tour. He said that he was seeking  to counter U S influence and build a ” multi-polar ” world. Watch out, North and South Poles, you may have competition.

Could the two be BFF’s ? We shall see. Come to think of it, Chavez looks a bit more polished. Perhaps he provided Ahmadinejad tips in that area as well for when he speaks at the United Nations next week. Cannot wait for that speech. Oh, wanna know where Chavez headed to after Paris,why Russia, of course. Greattt.


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