Pat Yourself on the Back

Yes indeed. If you are a resident of the great state of North Carolina or someone who shops within its boundaries, you owe yourself  a word of congratulations. You see, you are  helping to solve the budget crisis in which the state  has found itself. Kinda makes you a hero and I bet you didn’ t even realize it. But it’s true. How are you doing this? Just by acting  naturally as Buck Owens sang a number of  years ago.

On September 1, a number of new laws took effect. One of these was  a 1% increase in the sales tax. Just snuck that rascal in there with very little fanfare. Who will notice,right? But this magic bullet will, according to estimates raise some $800 million for  the  ole state treasury. And we are making it happen. Going  to the grocery store, to those “evil” fast food establishments, buying whatever it is one must buy at Wal-Mart.

As always in the world of government, things are not quit what they seem. Gov. Perdue and  the legislature could not get tax reform done so this temporary tax increase was their answer. Yep, it will expire in 2011. But what about that temporary tax increase from 2001 that is still there. Don’ t worry. it must be in your mind. Oh and for  smokers and drinkers, the so called sin tax went up a swell. It will cost more to light up an drink up. Cigarettes increased 45 cents/pack  with other tobacco products going up about 13%. Alcoholic beverages  have varying increases  based on the type of beverage.

The governor stated that the increase would help keep teachers and other workers on the job. That is a good thing, right? What is  a few pennies here and there? Answer, about $150-$200 annually. Pay up and enjoy doing your part to keep those Raleigh wheels turning.

Remember, it’s just a temporary tax. If you believe that, I believe I have some attractively priced swamp land to sell you. Going fast!


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