Things That Don’t Seem to Match

Realizing that the above title could apply to myriads of things, I have narrowed it down to just  a single  unusual(for me ) combination. These two things are Paris Hilton and the  9th  U S District Court of Appeals . Yep, I too wondered how these two could be connected. Throw in Hallmark and an interesting mishmash exists.

Some might remember a television show from a couple of years ago named “The Simple Life.”  The show featured Ms Hilton and  Nicole Richie in a “reality show” that featured the two socialites doing  actual low paying manual labor jobs. Alas, I never saw the show which  lasted for 53 episodes and was based on Green Acres from years ago. I watched that show and was quite  fond of Arnold(the pig) Ziffel.

Anyway, Ms Hilton portrayed a waitress in that series as one of her jobs. Hallmark, as it is wont to do came up with  a greeting card parodying( so they say) that character.  The card shows a waitress with Ms Hilton’s face serving a platter of food.  The card’s caption   has her saying ” That’s hot.” That is also  a sort of trademark Hilton phrase.

Ms Hilton’s lawsuit was filed in 2007 and basically said that Hallmark was using her image without permission and was an unauthorized rip-off. The court has agreed and allowed the essence of the lawsuit to continue.

Many things  intrigue me about this. Just a few for consideration. Why can’t these parties just settle the doggone thing? Two years and  counting, come on. Why did the suite ever make it as high as an appeals court? These are the courts just below the Supreme Court. But wait, this court is based in San Francisco and perhaps showbiz stuff is right up its judicial alley, whether it likes it or not.

 Finally, not to trivialize  a lawsuit like this, but it just seems than there would  be more important things for the court. Paging Judge Judy?

Arnold the Pig, Porker Extraordinaire

Arnold the Pig, Porker Extraordinaire


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