The Arctic Sea

For our purposes, this Arctic Sea is not a body of water, but rather that which travels on a body of water. This is a  Russian manned cargo ship that last month disappeared on its way from  Finland to Algeria. The ship which subsequently was”found” by the Russian navy was supposedly carrying a load of timber.Countless theories by a number of experts  were offered. The ship  was involved in a commercial dispute of some kind, it was running drugs or perhaps it was carrying more sinister.

In all likelihood, the truth will probably never surface. The ship’s captain and crew have been detained as  have  the hijackers. Who is holding them, why the Russians of course. They also provide the official explanation. This was  a thwarted hijacking, the Russian navy at its best. At this point, we should remember that said navy has been  increasingly active in recent months.

The theory I like is that the Israelis intercepted the ship as  it  carried  a secret cargo of weapons to the Middle East. You know, Algeria, Arab country etc. An Estonian  admiral, Tarmo Kouts, who has a position with the European Union put forth this theory. The Russian response to this, Nyet.

But, to add juice to all this, one must note that Russian employed a significant number of military resources, just to retake a ship with a crew of 19. And there is  precedent for Israel to be concerned about Moscow’s dealing with Arab states and arms sales. On the Israeli side, neither the government nor Mossad would comment at all. Maybe we could learn from that. Don’t tell everything you know.

Remember the Winston Churchill statement about Russia many years ago.”Russia is a riddle wrapped in a  mystery inside an enigma.” True  then and still true today.


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  1. And……in America the CIA can not run an operation without the government (democrats mostly) telling the World what they are doing! Back in the old days the FBI, CIA and Secret service did their jobs without being attack by their own government.

    Comment by goodtimepolitics | September 1, 2009 | Reply

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