On the Brillance of Dogs

As a public service and a continuation of my ongoing campaign to prove exactly how great dogs are, I bring you this story from Moscow.Or, if you will, canis lupus familiaris, the domestic dog. Man’s best friend, indeed. Or as we refer in our family to our departed golden retriever, just “himself”.

The story  from Moscow would surely make him proud, not surprised , but proud. Seems that biologist Andrew Poyarkov has studied  the habits of stray dogs and has discovered an interesting fact. They seem to have taught themselves to use the subway. Dogs who apparently live  outside of town have been catching a  ride  into town where they have an easier time  finding  food. At the end of the day, they catch a ride back home.  Poyarkov has noticed an almost uncanny ability in the dogs knowing which station and which train and at about what time.

I just love stories like this. They seem to come  more from England, but no matter. Oh, the questions that arise. How do they  get their tokens, do they have a multiple  use  pass? And if any of these are true, where do they keep the pass ?

You know, I am assuming this  is true since I have read mentions in more than one credible source. But even if it were a hoax, I  could care less. It is just a neat story. And remember, our President has Bo, the first dog, who often wanders through Air Force One. Wonder who cleans up after Bo if has an accident? I  am guessing Biden. If he isn’t , probably Gibbs or one of the spokespeople. Remember the President used the phrase “wee-weed up” recently. Probably inspired by Bo in action, ya think?

Wonder if they sit or stand, wonder if……… ?


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  1. Great piece. I am always amazed when I actually watch dogs who cross the street with the light. I also read an article today….can’t remember where….about a lost dog that took a ferry to get back home…I mean….HOLY SMOKES!!! I know most people who can’t find their way home.

    Comment by pawpurrry | August 28, 2009 | Reply

  2. Very good post, my Boxer has no fence to stay in and she respects our rule that she stay off the hi-way which runs 30 feet from the front door of our house. She does not go to the potty in the yard, instead she has a favorite spot along side a corn field thats grown up with bushes.. Sit a steak on the floor and she will not touch it unless you tell her that she can and then it has to be a cooked one. We have birds and two cats and they all get along together. The two cats sleep with the Boxer and the Boxer protects the birds from the cats…..animals are smarter than what we give them credit for! Also just to add, show me a person that don’t like animals and I will show you a person thats with a sad out look on life.
    Will Obama go after the animals healthcare next?

    Comment by goodtimepolitics | August 28, 2009 | Reply

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