Tale of the Unknown Senators

Allow me to introduce  a couple of folks to you. They are  Senators  Richard Burr and Kay Hagan from North Carolina. Mr Burr is  a Republican from Winston Salem and was elected to his first term in 2004. Ms Hagan is  a Shelby, NC native and was elected to her first term in 2008. Both are in their mid 50’s  and seem to be pleasant looking people.

So why the basic info? It appears that the people of North Carolina are largely ambivalent  towards these fine public servants. A recent poll by  Public Policy Polling, a Raleigh, NC based political pollster,  surveyed folks in 14 states  to determine what  they thought about their U S  Senators.  Theydiscovered that an average of 33% of those polled in North Carolina had no opinion of how the senators were doing their job.

Now wonder what that means? Did they all know these people were  their Senators, did they care or are these two just invisible in Washington ? One might  say that the poll is particularly unfair to Ms Hagan who was just elected. But people seem to have opinions of Al Franken and Roland Burris who are very new senators. And Mr Burr hasn’t been around that long but look at Jim Webb,running all over the world.Burr and Hagan need a hook, something that identifies them to the voter. An issue of their own would be good, probably better than a new hairstyle or such.But what issue. Let us see. There is talk about the evils of soft drinks, swine flu is thundering in our direction. Just don’t know what  would fit them. It makes one  long for the days of  Sam Ervin.  Now there was  a  senator. Shucks, at least people knew John Edwards, he sort of made certain of that. States with Harry Reid and Chuck Shumer or Joe Lieberman just don’t know how fortunate they are. Maybe we could someone famous to run against Burr in 2010. Remember they don’t necessarily have to be from North Carolina so that really opens up the field. Remember that Alec Baldwin is thinking of taking on Lieberman. Wonder if Glenn Beck is busy right now?

In closing, one cautionary thought. It is 6:30 PM EDT. Do you know where your senators are?


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