I Want to Have it Both Ways Please

Which came first, the chicken or the egg? Can you have your cake and eat it too? Along with those two momentous questions comes our title, courtesy of the President. As  you probably know, the First Family, including Bo the dog, has just arrived  at Martha’s  Vineyard for their vacation. Remember, the First Lady said they were just regular folks who just happen to have access to  a vacation home going for 35-50 big ones/ week.

Even Hurricane Bill moved on so as not to be  a problem. Well, it appears that the Prez doesn’t want the press to bother his children  or photograph them when they are not with him. Check this out, press aide Kate Lillie said that reporters violating  Obama’s instructions about telegraphing his movements via cell or text would be thrown out of  the press pool. Bet that landing would hurt.

Aha, there is more, always more. Spokesman Bill Burton said that there isn’ t going to be anything newsworthy anyway, so just relax guys. And the call for privacy comes just a few days after a cover article in Parade magazine with Obama  saying if he could be anything, he would be  a good father. That’s all well and good, hope that he is a good father but one must keep in mind that he ran for president knowing the intense media scrutiny of anything and everything. Should his children get the press coverage he gets, of course not. Should his wife, another question since she does solicit  coverage to a degree. Isn’t trying to prohibit press access a little like getting water to flow uphill?

If only more media folks could be like Chris Matthews who said it was his job to  further the success of this administration. Many of his colleagues must need a refresher course in that area.


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  1. If Obama is off message, Glenn Beck sure is not! Beck has been reporting the facts about what is happening to our County and will be explaining about it all this week!

    Comment by goodtimepolitics | August 24, 2009 | Reply

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