The President and 141,000 of his Dearest Friends

On Tuesday of this past week, the President had  a couple of conference calls. No big deal, surely it happens frequently. These might have been a bit different from the norm. Both  dealt with health care reform, still no shocker. But this next is what really caught my eye. The first one went to 1,000 (Jewish) rabbis from across the country. The second was to some 140,000 ministers of presumably all denominations. Before I pursue the real issue, I had to think, wonder whose names are included. Anybody i know personally or by reputation? How were these names chosen, etc.

My limited research indicated that there are about 450,000 churches and around  4,000 synagogues in the United States. If those figures are reasonably accurate, then the referenced conference calls  covered a rather high percentage of the clergy.

So. what was the gist of these calls? Support his health care reform, ignore the”false witness” that is being spread(good religious term there) “knock on doors”, “spread the truth” and so on. I read on CBN  about the groups sponsoring the conference call. They include Faith in Public Life, PICO National Network, Sojourners, and Catholics in Aliance for the Common Good. They all tend to be(sorry for the label) on the more liberal side of the religious spectrum. In fact, Beliefnet ‘s Michele McGintycalled it a  conference call with lefty evangelicals. So, we can presume no Franklin Graham, Charles Stanley, Gary Bauer , Charles Colson etc.

Sure, he can call he wants, it is his phone call, along with his Domestic Policy Director Melody Barnes. This entire thing struck me , I think, in two ways. It seems like a campaign event. Knock on doors, etc. Seems that the health care reform has become sort of like a political campaign. Danger, every major issue or program cannot become  a call to arms for the faithful. Hit the bricks, spread the word, mobilize the vote. Secondly, no word of separation of church and state. Paging Barry Lynn. Perhaps I am missing something but there was lots of biblical phraseology in his calls and the listeners are religious leaders and he is the President. Just a thought. And finally, does the composition of his audience subtly hint that  lefty evangelicals care about health care and thus  more about people  than their counterparts on the other end of the spectrum?

Perhaps he was just “preaching” to the choir. Hah!

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  1. I keep hearing a sound coming in from the past when G.W. Bush was made fun of by the liberals about asking God for help! Hummmmm what is Obama the great one doing?

    One of our North Carolina Senators has shot a person! Good thing we have the right to own guns in America!


    Comment by goodtimepolitics | August 24, 2009 | Reply

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