I’m a Bit Surprised at the Outrage

The furor continues to mount over the  situation  of the terrorist released in Scotland by Justice Secretary Kenny McCaskill. FBI Director Robert Mueller fired off a strongly worded letter expressing his dismay at the action. Seems that  in 1991, Mueller was involved in the prosecution of one  Abdelbaset  Ali  Mohmet  al-Megrahi, aka the Lockerbie bomber. For those who don’t care for terrorist images or think we bring all terrorist acts on ourselves, perhaps it is no big deal. You will remember however  the horrific images of  Pan Am Flight 103 being blown up in  1988.

The above referenced individual was convicted and sentenced  in 2001 to serve 27 years for his role in the attack. Fast forward, he is now 57 and in failing health, with an estimated 3 months to live. The Scottish justice system has deemed it the compassionate thing to do to send him home to? Yes Libya, where he received a hero’s welcome. Sure he would, even though Obama called the welcome ” highly objectionable. ” Wonder what he expected from fearless leader  Qaddaffi beside  a welcome home hug.

Hang on, it gets much better.The Scots fired back at Mueller, saying that the Scottish system of justice had a   sense of compassion which was lacking in the US  system. Contrast that with Mr McCaskill’s statement that he was ” conscious that there are deeply held feelings and that many will disagree    with whatever my decision. ” There is more. There were many individuals who expressed disagreement and supposedly so did our government. But Mr McCaskill through a spokesman said he consulted with victims families, Secretary Clinton and Attorney General Eric Holder, Mueller’s boss. It appears that Mr Holder did not consult with Mr Mueller.

Now, did  his conviction and temporary  imprisonment bring back any victims, of course not. Did it help them at all, maybe. Rest assured that his release did them no good whatsoever.  Finally, does it send any sort of message to those who might be inclined to do this sort of thing  at some point in the future? Just wondering. Oh yes, the British goverment took great offense that there ws some type of economic quid pro quo.


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