Collecting Memories

Don Mattingly, 1992 Topps

Don Mattingly, 1992 Topps

Sports Illustrated has a great article in this week’s issue which came today. It didn’t make the cover and for many may not even get much of a notice. It is entitled ” The  Last Iconic Baseball Card ” and is written by Luke Winn. What it is really about is the end of an era. The  past time of collecting baseball cards has been trending steadily downward for a number of years. For my money, the end began when the  makers went from Topps  alone  to  a plethora of other companies. You know, goose and golden egg and all that.

The story took me way back to my childhood in the 50’s and 60’s when for a time, baseball card collecting was  at the virtual top of  my to-do list. I never collected to buy or sell and  never really had that many, although I thought 500+ was  a lot. But I dearly enjoyed it. There were 2 places for me to but in small town Leaksville, NC in those days. There was Williams Store on the  way home fromschool( yes, I walked home) where cards were  purchased individually accompanied by a stick of bubble gum, one penny per card. There was  a small department store across town on the Boulevard whose name I forget. Their cards came in wrapped packs of ten with new arrivals usually on Tuesday’s, I think.  The joy at getting a new pack or a new handful could hardly be surpassed.

Alas. when I became  a  bit older and ” more mature”, I decided those childish cards were unnecessary and committed  the now recognized cardinal sin of throwing them away. Aargh!! Periodically, I tried to recapture the magic, even convincing my son to collect for  a little while. But both he and I soon  lost  interest and just  a handful remain. Thanks to this article, hope may flicker once again. According to Baseball Reference.com, the Yankees have had a total of  1,499 different players in their storied history. Wonder how long it wuld take to collect them all? I  have  about 30 right now with the one  shown

my best, good ole Donnie Baseball. However, I will need to find a  new  source and that may be a challenge.


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  1. Baseballbriefs.com tracking back Collecting Memories…

    Baseballbriefs.com tracking back Collecting Memories…

    Trackback by Baseballbriefs.com | August 21, 2009 | Reply

  2. Love this post and can empathize fully…those were the days! Now everything that’s made is made with collectors in mind…yuck!

    Comment by mikegothard | August 25, 2009 | Reply

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