Be Polite or Else…………

For quite  a while, I have been convinced that civility and tact and just ole fashioned good manners are doing a slow, unmourned death. This is  hastened along by cell phones and ipods and earbuds and  headphones along with a conviction that many seem to have that the universe revolves around them. Granted, we all have that a bit at times , but it doesn’t  have to be  our modus operandi.

Now, having put myself squarely on the side of manners, let me relate a story that may seem about manners but really isn’t at all, but maybe the opposite. Deerfield Beach, Fl  is a resort city not far from Miami. The mayor of this fine city is one Peggy Noland.

Mayor Peggy Noland, Deerfield Beach, Fl

Mayor Peggy Noland, Deerfield Beach, Fl

Seems that a couple  of weeks ago, maintenance worker Cassandra Moye passed the mayor in  a  hallway and failed to acknowledge her( not  a first offence in this regard, either). According to Bob Norman in his Daily Pulp blog(what a cool name, huh) her supervisor George Edmunds told her that she would be suspended for  2 days without pay. Sounds like a pretty stiff penalty to me. Anyway, she was told that  the mayor indicated(meaning that the mayor knew of this pending action) that this was not the first time for such behavior. Now, get this quote, it is a priceless example of  well, let’s see, overkill, killing an ant with a tank, misuse of power and just all around needless action. ” Your actions have caused irrevocable damage to the welfare of the department and your fellow workers.” Methinks that the damage has occurred  now  that this  info has gotten into the public eye. However, the employee in question   had  received a citation  just two years ago for rescuing an  individual from a burning car. Now, she  has a written reprimand in her file to accompany that. Although the  suspension was lifted when the news surfaced, it seems  that a  reprimand is still too much.

Believe that  Elgin Jones at the  South Florida Times gets original credit for bringing this matter to light. Wonder if bosses reading this article will get ideas of their own? Wonder what will happen the next time Ms Moye passes the mayor in the hallway. Do I salute or what?

What a great country.


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  1. […] Be Polite or Else………… August 19, […]

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  2. Slap the Mayor? 🙂
    I sure wish that Obama and the democrats would Be Polite to our seniors that are standing up for their rights at the healthcare townhall meetings instead of calling them a mob among other names. The seniors are now showing AARP that they’re not dead yet and will fight to keep their rights! 60,000 senior citizens have quit AARP since July 1 due to the group’s support for Obamacare!

    Comment by goodtimepolitics | August 19, 2009 | Reply

  3. If you are going to write about the Moye story, at least get the facts right — and tell the complete story. For starters, the incident did not occur in a hallway but at the North Beach Pavilion, a large covered shelter adjacent to the beach. Mayor Noland was there talking to George Edmunds, who is the parks supervisor. Moye, who has the unglamorous job of taking care of the beach restrooms, passed by them on the way to a supply closet. There is some discrepancy in the separate accounts of whether Mayor Noland said something to Edmunds about Moye’s failure to acknowledge them (which she denies) or whether Edmunds took the action on his own initiative. In either case, Edmunds suspended Moye later that day. However, Edmunds, who is an acting supervisor, did not follow the correct procedures, and the suspension was lifted. Edmunds was himself counseled by the city manager for failing to follow SOP. A local blog reports that the employees’ union has now intervened and resolved the matter completely in Moye’s favor.

    Comment by Jeff Sayles | August 19, 2009 | Reply

  4. Thank you for adding to my account but let me address a couple of issues. The reference to hallway was also used in an article in The Week magazine from which I picked up the story. Irregardless of where the actual incident occurred or whether or not the Mayor said some thing to Mr Edmunds I find it hard to understand why an individual could be suspended 2 days without pay for the incident. Thankfully her union has intervened and resolved the matter. You see, I work with an individual who had a very similar thing happen to him for not acknowledging his supervisor. I meant no aspersion on your community . As i related this can happen anywhere.
    Come back to the blog again, hopefully another post at another time will be worth your time.

    Comment by tarheeltalker | August 19, 2009 | Reply

  5. Goodtimepolitics: From what I see from the South Florida Times there could be more to come on this issue and should be. I myself would not speak to Barack Obama if he passed me in a hall or any place else must less a Mayor unless I wanted to. George Edmunds was totally in the wrong and should be suspended from his job! What say you?

    The Florida Times has reported: To settle the grievance, Acting Parks & Recreation Director George Edmunds wrote in an Aug. 17 memo that he is also retracting the written counseling, and stated that Moye will be paid for the two days she was on suspension. “I believe this matter is best placed behind us and do sincerely apologize to you,’’ he said in the memo, which also stated that, “Because no Personnel/Payroll Action Form was ever processed for this suspension, you did not suffer a loss of pay.’’

    The reversal on discipline against Moye followed widespread media attention after the South Florida Times first reported the story Aug. 4 on its Web site, SFLTimes.com.

    Moye said she is not satisfied with Edmunds’ latest memo, but union officials said they now consider the matter resolved.

    Moye also said she did not directly receive the memo, which was brought to her attention by the union.

    “She said her attorney told her not to speak to anyone, and that’s why she wasn’t invited to the next step in the grievance procedure,” explained Joseph Metts, president of the International Union of Painters and Allied Trades (IUPAT) union, which represents Moye.


    Comment by goodtimepolitics | August 19, 2009 | Reply

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