On Being Ignored

Is it good or bad to be ignored? Unfortunately, there is no always correct answer. There are places to be ignored, where it is even desirable. On the other hand, there are times when been ignored can be irritating or even life threatening. A couple of examples to illustrate. A number of years ago, my wife and were at a Pizza Hut with another couple. We received drinks , had   our order taken and then nothing. After what seemed like an interminable wait, one of our friends had had enough. He , gently at first, but with greater insistence began banging on the table with his silverware. Still being ignored, he stood up as if to leave. Miraculously, a waitress appeared   from nowhere. Many is the time at a restaurant that I have wanted to mimic his actions. My wife, for some reason would rather us remain ignored  rather  than  being, shall we say, the center of attention. Don’t know why. Of course, being ignored at a restaurant is not as bad as being ignored at an emergency room.

But, for much of my life, I reveled in being ignored. This was  particularly true  in the dreaded public years. I held tightly to the belief that if I sat in the back and didn’t look at the teacher, he or she would not look at me.  I hung on to  that feeling into much of my adult years. However, as I began to teach Sunday School, that began to change. After all, if you are the teacher, you do not want to be ignored.

Now, as the years amble along, I fear that I have come full circle. There are times when I admit, I hate to be ignored. There is that word again. So, where does this somewhat negative emotion surface? Of course, at  a restaurant, at a family gathering and sad to say, even at church. Let me add a qualifier. I suppose that there are instances when I think I am being ignored  are more an example of being too concerned with my own importance, maybe.

So, how might one be ignored at church or how might one perceive such to be true. People walk by without a glance, peoplewhom you think should at least recognize you do not and there are people all around you but you feel alone. Solution, take the initiative. I know, I know, but that is not as easy as  it seems although I have used that technique at times. Speak to someone by name  who may not actually know you and for a brief instant, there is  panic. But  this  too is not ideal. Suppose I need to work on my own advice from Cheers. Be glad they have come whether or not you know their name.


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