Early, Early Election Returns

There is still quite  awhile before the fall elections. And, I realize that they will not be taking place everywhere. But here in the Harbor of Hospitality, aka, Elizabeth City, there is political stuff of which to take note. Based on this very small sampling, our local elections should be fun. They are supposed to be, are they not? No matter.

First, some basic info.  We have a ward system, four wards with 2 council members each and a mayor elected at- large. This will be the fourth new mayor in a row, since the incumbent decided not to run again. We have  3 candidates for mayor, 4 each in wards 1 and 2, five   each in  wards 3 and 4. Our total of 21 candidates is not a record but according to elections   board  officials  virtually assures one or runoff races. Those are always fun to watch. The have been rather common locally in recent years.

The most fun so far has been about signs. Of course, one wants to get that name and face before the public as soon as  possible.  I have personally seen on nice billboard and only a couple of yard signs. But, naughty, naughty candidates. Seem that they have jumped the gun, City regs prohibit such  advertising  so  far in advance. The city says that one month in advance is the rule(imagine Obama living with that  one) although one cacandidate interpreted that to mean  that signage was ok on private property. Not so, says the city. One former council member says the law is unconstitutional. How about that for a good early issue. And here I thought that the  only issue would be the high utility rates. And, we also have a sort of stealth candidate running in ward 3 . Thus far, he has had nothing public to say. Ingenious move, if he planned it that way. By saying nothing, he has all sorts of folks wondering what he is planning. Very astute is it not?

Just  a little more. We have 3 men running for mayor. One, Rick Gardner, is  a  former mayor who has been out of the political picture for a while. The other two, Roger McClean, a political newcomer and former council member Don Cherry. So, we have choices in all nine of the races. Let the games begin!

In the interest of full disclosure, I have not made nor will I make any financial contributions to any local candidate in this election. Nor have they paid me to mention or not mention their names. So there you have it. An remember, all politics are local. So spoke one Thomas P ( Tip) O’Neil.


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  1. If you have not seen these videos then they’re a must see! By the way you can make financial contributions to the Democrats just not to the Republicans cause Obama says you can! 🙂


    Comment by goodtimepolitics | August 2, 2009 | Reply

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