Eating and Drinking at the White House

Most of us will never be fortunate to have a meal or an adult beverage at the White House. This week, four people got together  for some brews(one a resident) and last month  4 top business people had what I guess we should call a working lunch in the  President’s private dining room . The “Beer Summit”  as a brilliant commenter wrote on my humble blog, has been well covered so we shall address it second. However, one  does wonder why there was  a fourth person at the table, a surprise attendee, if you will. Guess Mr Biden  had some free time.

Anyway, last month there were 4  business people (we will  presume them to be somewhat important in their fields) had a meeting with the President. I don’t really care what they talked about. What intrigues me is that their credit card numbers were obtained and they were billed for their meal. Who woulda thunk it? We will further presume that  these people were invited to the White House, making them guests. Wonder why they were billed and of course  how much? Were they charged for the ambiance, was a  tip automatically added to their bill and oh yes.They better check that  credit card statement next month to be certain no unusual charges were added. Apparently, this event was part of an ongoing dialogue with corporate chieftains. It was   s pearheaded by Valerie Jarrett, an FOO( Friend of Obama ) from Chicago. She and other Whie House officials seemed  unconcerned about the billing process. No doubt, Emily Post would turn over in her grave at this breach of protocol. Of the 4 CEO’S present  only the    Cola-Cola representative had no comment. Smart  guy, is he  not, cannot say anything nice, say nothing at all.

Now, back to the Beer Summit. Wonder  if it perhaps could be a trend setting event? Wonder if the  brews served will be able to use this fact in their advertising? (Bud Light, Blue Moon, Sam Adams Light and  a  nonalcoholic  beer for Biden; Buckler)

Arms summits, peace summits and now   beer summits – maybe there could be a botox summit and invite Pelosi and Kerry. Only kidding, a little.


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