Obama Comes to North Carolina- Yay

The president ambled down to the Tar Heel State today to talk about health care I guess. I didn’t go even though Raleigh is only  about 3 hours or less from here. For some unknown reason, I didn’t receive an invitation. Apparently some other more prominent people failed to receive an invitation as well, since they were not there. Specifically, Sen Kay Hagan was busy elsewhere. Three of the “Blue Dog Democrats” from Congress were also awol. Reps Heath Shuler, Mike McIntyre and Larry  Kissell apparently had other more pressing business.

Seems sort of odd, does it not that you would not be there when your president visits your state. You know, hop on Air Force One, zip down for a great photo-op and  be back in D.C. for dinner. Especially since Gov. Perdue and most of the state’s top  Democrats were there. Guess the Blue Dogs were back in the capitol having their arms twisted to vote for the health care bill. Wonder if they were meeting with one or both of the Emanuel brothers?

It appears from listening to Maxine Waters that some members of the party’s more liberal wing are totally on board with the attention the Blue Dogs are getting and perhaps the influence they may be wielding. It can be kinda fun to watch Democrat vs Democrat, but one should remember that at sundown, they are still Democrats.


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  1. Sundown, they are still Democrats, got that right have to call a spade a spade! Obama might be down here to visit with his friends the muslims that was arrested for terrorist plots! Since he went soft on the shoe bomber. It all figures!

    Comment by goodtimepolitics | July 30, 2009 | Reply

  2. They did… They don’t want to be near Obama. We know what is in the Bill It is called CYA.


    Comment by bobbygee | July 30, 2009 | Reply

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