I Think The T-Bird’S Been Taken Away

For you young whippersnappers, the reference is to a Beach Boys song from a lifetime ago entitled “Fun, Fun, Fun” and yes I still listen to it. Apparently, there are federal agencies and powerful  individuals who do not heed that song.

Just to name a couple, the Justice Department and Department of Agriculture are “encouraging”  their employees to hold meetings in tamer locations. The two cities that seem to be high on the avoid list are Las Vegas and Orlando. Las Vegas, NV of course, home  state of Harry Reid who is  up for re-election next year. We all know about Florida  and  its importance in presidential elections. Now, Senator Reid was disturbed enough to send a letter to the White House on June 26 requesting that the informal policy against federal meetings in Vegas be reversed. Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel replied on July 14  that he agreed that policy should not dictate location. All is well, right? Wrong!

In at least one federal agency, “robust justification”, whatever that is, must be provided to have approval for  a resort area meeting. It gets better. There is apparently a list of preferred destinations. Notice 2 in particular.

  • Chicago                                 Milwaukee
  • Denver                                   Phoenix
  • Portland, Or
  • St Louis
  • Washington, D C

Anything jump out , of course, Chicago. And you know, federal employees in Washington wold dearly love having their meetings there. Just gotta cross the street. Thought I would throw in some additional choices, just as a    public service. During the summer, meet in places like  Amarillo, Tx or Lincoln, Ne. In the winter,try Billings,Mo or  Boise, Id. No offense intended and I have never been to any of those cities. Give them a chance. Almost forgot, the Obamas love  Hawaii and Marthas Vineyard. Wonder if they are on another list? (Oh yeah, cant go anywhere in Texas, might run into someone there.)

A goverment blacklist that  includes  Mickey Mouse doesn’t seem to fit, does it?


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