Building A Church

Today we revisited a church that we had not attended in quite a while. A friend of ours  had  relatives  there  from Texas, two of whom were going to sing. She asked that we visit  and we were most happy to do so. It was quite a good service, met some old friends and some new ones. During the service, i confess that my mind wandered a bit  in an odd direction. I wondered what kind of church would come out of a combination of features from the churches with which we have been affiliated. For example, the sanctuary from one church the music program from another and so on.

So, here we go. For technical reasons, I shall include my home church and my wife’s home church even though neither of us were formally affiliated with the other’s church. Bear in mind, these are strictly subjective, based on how these places  and I  interacted. And if one takes all the parts that assemble, they might form an odd looking church.

I have a great fondness for history and we have been part of 3 old churches with all that means in terms of facilities and grounds etc. I have an affinity for the grounds of FBC Eden, a smallish church sitting on a little hill, that has been in its locale for over 100 years. Each time I see it, it seems somehow unchanged as the first time I saw it.

First Baptist Church Eden, NC ( from flickr.com)

First Baptist Church Eden, NC ( from flickr.com)

So, we have a sanctuary, but since  my wife prefers the stained glass windows from FBC Salisbury, NC and I like what what we  called the praying hands window from  Columbus, GA. , those shall be added as well.  Already becoming complicated, huh?

Next, we need a library. For that we will somehow mesh those from Eden and Salisbury. Almost forgot, FBC Columbus had what they called a loggia. I had never heard of such, but I and my children loved it. Alas, I could not locate a picture, but I would describe it as an interior walkway witha  beautiful courtyard in the center.

Now, for a hard choice, music. I am not musically talented but i love music. We have been blessed to be in several churches with top notch music, both the traditional and the contemporary. This was tough. So, i took the Living Christmas Tree from Columbus, along with a world class organist named Rex Whiddon. The worship team comes from Rowan Cristian Assembly  in Salisbury. This was a place where I could literally lose myself in the music and I shall remember it forever. Thanks to Gay Lynn Dckens  and those who served with her at that time. Close second  to Bob Chambers at New Community Church in Elizabeth City.

As I am getting a bit lengthy, I will conclude tomorrow with more of a people focus. This church stuff is hard, is it not?


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