What Should I Say ?

There has been an enormous outpouring of media coverage since Michael Jackson died . Magazines from  People to Us and more  have had covers and lengthy articles. Some of their coverage has been appropriate, some not so appropriate. I think of one cover in particular that showed Jackson  on a stretcher being taken to  the hospital. It made me wonder, how did they get the picture and why would they chose to publish such an invasive photo on their cover, no less? Oh yeah, money. Predictably, there  has been a big surge in record sales since his death and that will likely continue. I was talking with someone about  this the other day and he mentioned the list of highest grossing dead celebrities, a list which is typically topped by Elvis Presley. It is somewhat amazing to me to realize that many years after their death that entertainers still make large sums of money.

Forbes has been publishing such a list of the top 13 since 2001. The most recent list showed Elvis at #1 with $50 Marvin Gaye #13 with $3.5 million.There is alas, already speculation about how much money  Michael Jackson will make relative to the above referenced list. Dr Kate  Woodthorpe was quoted thusly, “We could see some kind of continuing bond with a dead pop star on a scale that has never been seen before. The question that remains at this point is whether the momentum of nostalgia can, and will, continue, or whether people’s disposable cash will quickly move on to the next big thing.” (Woodthorpe is on the faculty of The Open University, a distance learning  university founded in 1969 by the government   of the United Kingdom.)


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