Proclaim Liberty Throughout All The Land

… unto all the inhabitants thereof: it shall be  a jubilee unto you:and ye shall return every man unto his possession, and ye shall return every man unto his family. The King James Version, Leviticus 25:10. And the first part is inscribed on our Liberty Bell itself, although it wasn’t even called that at first.

The bell is for certain one of our country’s iconic symbols and is one of the few that I have been privileged to see  up close and personal. This was a picture I took while on a Habitat for Humanity trip with our church(First Baptist -Eden NC). The young ladies , whose names I forget ,were part of our group that spent a week working in the city of Brotherly Love. I had originally intended just a single post about the bell, but I really liked the look of the enlarged picture, ergo, we shall have a couple days on the bell as we prepare for Independence Day and our country’s 233rd birthday. One small tidbit among many that intrigued me. A gentleman named Isaac Norris, Speaker of the Pennsylvania Assembly,  commissioned  the Assembly’s agent in    London, Robert Charles,  to buy a bell. Mr Norris was also the person who  chose the scripture that is inscribed thereon. Interestingly, it comes from an Old Testament book that is probably somewhat obscure to many churchgoers today.

Tomorrow, who made the bell, where has it traveled, when did it crack and when and for whom it was last rung.

Liberty Bell, 1991

Liberty Bell, 1991


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