Thanks Sonora Dodd

In the interest of equal time, hey, hey, it’s Father’s Day. So hats off to us dads, all 64.3 million of us. Almost seriously, dads don’t generally toot their own horn and they shouldn’t. But on behalf of dads, thank to Ms Dodd for Father’s Day. She was from Spaokane, Wa and got the idea for Father’s Day by(of all things) listening to a Mother’s Day sermon at church. She wanted her widower dad, Civil War vet, William Smart to be appropriately honored. Upon the death of his wife, he was left to rear six children on the family farm. He must have done a good job if he had  daughter who wanted to pay him honor.

June 19, 1910 was chosen as the first Father’s Day and so proclaimed by the mayor of Spokane. June was chosen since it was the month of Mr Smart’s birth. Surprisingly to me, the first presidential proclamation regarding Father’s Day was not until 196 courtesy of LBJ.

So, I had the opportunity to celebrate 26 such days with my dad before he moved up and out. Admittedly, I probably  contributed little  to the first 3 or 4  of those. And I would guess I always saw him on those days. For my wife as a child and me as a father, that has not always been the case. When her dad was with  us, the constraints of geography kept her apart from him on some of those days. So it has been  true with me. And that is ok. I treasure the love of my  children whether they are near or far. I must add for clarification that I consider myself fortunate to have added an additional child to my “quiver”(Psalm 127 :4-5) when my son and his wife were married a few years ago.

So, thanks Sonora Dodd, again proving the power of one individual to all of us who wonder what can one person do.


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  1. Hope you all had a happy Father’s Day! I lived in Spokane Washington for many years from the 1960,s to 1995 and I can see why such a day was decided upon there! Its mostly a retirement city and very clean city! Thanks Tarheeltalker for reminding me of Spokane as I had forgot that Father Day was started there!

    Comment by goodtimepolitics | June 21, 2009 | Reply

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    • Thanks for stopping by. Please feel free to return.

      Comment by tarheeltalker | June 22, 2009 | Reply

  3. My son would love to live in Seattle some day, about 4-5 hrs from spokane, i guess. Similar weather would u say?

    Comment by tarheeltalker | June 22, 2009 | Reply

  4. Sonora “Smart” Dodd was one of the most inspirational and important women in both Spokane, Washington Staate, the US and the world during the first half 20th century. Her dedication to the cause of Fathers’ Day began in ernest in 1909 and continued until 1972 when President Nixon officially declared a National Holiday. Sonora Dodd was a well known water color artist, a ceramics artist, a poet, and a writer of childrens books. In addition she became a partner and founder of the Ball and Dodd Funeral Parlor in Spokane.
    Sonora and her husband John built their home in Spokane’s Historic East Central/Liberty Park Neighborhood. The home, a Craftsman Bungalow is now under renovation as Spokane is preparing for the Centennial Celebration of Fathers’ Day. June 2009 was the 100th celebration and the beginning of the 100th year. The home will be open for tours with Spokanes’ Centennial Celebration. The home was recently placed on the Historic Register abd for more information see City of Spokane Historic Register.

    Comment by Jerry Numbers | July 20, 2009 | Reply

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