To Text Or Not To Text, That Is The Question

Apparently, sending  text messages via one’s cell phone or texting is quite  a popular thing to do . I guess anything that is done over a billion times a year is noteworthy. Sad to say, I guess, my contribution to hat total is somewhat minuscule. Let us use a figure barely out of the single digits and we would be accurate.

So, you can imagine my surprise when I realized that LG, the maker of my very own cellphone sponsors a texting championship. And 250,000 people attempted to become one of the 20 finalists. OK, a teenager was the winner and runner-up, no big surprises there, I guess. Our winner of the 2nd annual competition was 15 year old Kate Moore of Des Moines, Ia with  14 year old Morgan Dynda of Savannah, Ga second. This is a rather  big deal since our winner earned $50,000 for her accomplishment. One of the challenges placed before our contestants was to text blindfolded. Shucks, I can’t  even write blindfolded.

According to Ms Moore, it’s the thumbs that are key in the 14,000 or so texts she sends each month.( Bet that is a hefty cell phone bill.) She says that she is a well rounded person socially  good grades, etc.  Even so, you have got to wonder  how long it takes to send or receive 14,000 messages a month. Say 5 or 10 seconds per message, just as a guess. That would be about 2300 minutes a month or roughly 40 hours. That my friends is a work week for many of us. Boggles the non technical mind, does it not ?

But, never fear, textaphobes, the state of North Carolina is ready to help us. This week, Governor Bev Perdue signed law that  bans texting while driving. The law , to take effect December 1 of this year would allow one to pull of the road and handle one’s texting urges. To show that government has a senses of humor(sort of ). Her spokeswoman, Chrissy Pearson texted the announcement of the bill’s signing, emphasizing the fact that she was not driving when the message was composed. And this quote,”Hope u r not driving now.”

The Tar Heel State joins 13 of its fellow states in passing such  ban, And, I suppose I am violating my conservative principles a bit, but I actually support a texting ban. Imagine that, agreeing with the government when it tell one not to do something?  Amazing, huh?


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