Wanna Be An Inspector General?

The title is not really  a trick question, but then again, it may be. I will confess to having not even heard of the position until just a few days ago. I am sorta familiar with inspectors of different kinds  and I know a general is a big deal. But what do we know about the position now in the news because of a dismissal?

Let us go backward first .AmeriCorps was begun 1994 and is in a sense, a domestic Peace Corps. Gerald  Walpin was the inspector general of said service organization. Heavily involved in a  leadership position was former NBAer Kevin Johnson, also  a FOO (Friend of Obama) Mr Walpin allegedly found some misuse of funds and voila, he is gone. His firing, justified or not, did not follow  the guidelines set down in a 2008 law that required 30 days notice and a full accounting to Congress as to why the firing took place. Neither of these things to place. Only after Senator Claire McCaskill, Democrat from Missouri questioned the firing did the administration release information.The AmeriCorps board wanted him gone, Walpin was not candid with the board and at times was confused and disoriented, etc.

Now, let us just say this and more is accurate. It would seem the the Administration could have presented these reasons publicly, before the fact, waited the requisite time and the acted . Why so quick to fire first and then respond? Oh, almost forgot to describe this suddenly newsworthy position. The Office Of Inspector General is part of the Department Of Health and Human Services and serves as fiscal watchdog over HHS programs.

Now, back to the building controversy. White House lawyer, Norman Eisen, called the firing an ” act of political courage”. Ok.  Meanwhile Senator Charles Grassley , Republican, Iowa, has requested more info from the White House. According to  a detailed article from Michelle Malkin on June 12, it is very possible that the First Lady even  had a role in the Walpin firing. Could get verrrryy interesting, could it not?

Still interested in that job is an opening. Wonder what Mr Walpin discovered when he wasn’t being disoriented, a bit of corruption and/or misuse of funds?

Let me close with this telling exchange. Glen Beck asked him if he thought he was going to win in his attempt to keep from being destroyed. He replied  in the negative. When Beck asked him why continue the fight he said because I couldnt live with myself if I didn’t. That may be the real act of political courage in this drama that continues to play out.


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  1. If Walpin is “disoriented” what’s that make Biden?

    Comment by bassackwards | June 18, 2009 | Reply

  2. Probably someone who should keep his mouth shut more often!

    Comment by tarheeltalker | June 19, 2009 | Reply

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