“Bete Noir”

The French call it the black or dark beast, some call it anathema. In any language, it is something strongly detested or avoided. We all have at least one of these, if not more.

For me, at the the top of the list has always been to be buried alive. I have seen television shows where this was deliberately done and in other cases done by accident. It never ceases to give me a cold chill when I imagine the body bag being  zipped up and being unable to prevent it. I suppose my fear works in tandem with the fact that  I have long dreaded being in the hospital  and being powerless to communicate what is wrong with me. Being buried alive  takes this fear to a much greater level.

I was reminded of my “dark beast” when I  read of an 84 year old Polish woman being prematurely declared dead. Seems that the lady from Jablonowo in central Poland fell unconscious at home. Her husband called an ambulance  and an ems doctor declared her dead. Several hours later at the morgue, an employee noticed her moving and called for a doctor. Upon examination, he discovered that her vital signs had returned. She was taken to a local hospital where she remains in serous condition.

Please, no Polish jokes. I can only imagine the lady’s horror and am very thankful for the alert employee who noticed her alive. Here’s hoping she makes a complete recovery.

FYI: Pray for the people of Iran. I sense a big-time crackdown coming.


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