It’s Katie Couric Time

I know you have heard of Ms Couric even if you haven’t seen her lately. She does the evening news on CBS. It just seems that not very many people want to watch her . Latest numbers  as reported on Drudge show NBC  with 7,960,000, ABC with 7,150,000 and CBS (America’s most watched network otherwise) with a whopping 5,180,000. If you total these numbers it shows Couric and company with about 25% of the total. The numbers also reflect the lowest total since Nielsen began keeping the records some 18 years ago.

Now, personally, I could care less if Couric’s numbers are low. In fact, I almost wonder why she has viewers, unless she has those people who just watch CBS by force of habit.

And, to further her reputation as a hard -hitting journalist, she had these tidbits to say at her commencement speech at Princeton. In her speech, she singled out Sarah Palin and Carrie Prejean for particular criticism and ridicule while saving a few swipes for Rush Limbaugh and Donald Rumsfield. So what, but there  is more. She told the graduates(not all of whom are women, I presume) what great role models they have in Michelle ( $540  tennis shoe ) Obama, Hilary Clinton and Sonia Sotomayor. Again, all to be expected .

This is what really intrigued me. She told the grads to guard against  “nastiness ” and “don’t be a hater”. And she had a few words that could apply to those of us who blog. The internet is wonderful” but it’s also populated by haters and trolls”. Don’t think anyone has ever implied that I might be a troll. Oh, by the way, her remarks were also  posted on the Huffington Post. If you are unfamiliar with that online entity, let us  just say they might be a little on the liberal side of the coin.

Suppose that by speaking at Princeton, she thought she might  have a bigger audience than on the evening news ? Just wondering.


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