The Magical Mea Culpa Tour

The President’s foreign trip rolls on, a day after a significant speech    in Cairo. I would venture to say it might be the most significant speech made by an American president in a Muslim country. In some ways, it reminds  me of Nixon’s trip to China in 1972. Only Nixon could go to China, only Obama could go to Cairo. But enough of that.

What did the speech seek to accomplish and did it do that? I believe that is a many faceted answer. A speech heavy on references to the Quran  versus references to the Bible, a greeting in Arabic , a pointed reference to his Arabic heritage and middle name had to at the least score points in the Arab world. He emphasized that America was not and had never been at war with Islam. Quick aside here, Bush said that same thing on more than one instance but of course it never gained traction.

Let’s see, what else to muse about . Iraq was not a war of choice while Afghanistan was. Wonder how troops in Iraq  felt about that one. Israel came in for some criticism  but perhaps most telling was that he did not go there. Saudi Arabia to Egypt to Germany. Sorry about that folks, I will talk a lot about what Israel needs to do and the 2 state solution, but just couldn’t find time on the schedule for you. Maybe I can send blue collar Joe or is it $2,400 suit Joe over there soon. One thing I would have liked to hear and I forget who said this. It would have been a good move to emphasize some of the positive things the United  States has done in Muslim countries and , don’t laugh, there are  a number of those.

So, will any actions follow the speech ( asked by a number of Muslim leaders) and how will it play  in Peoria when he returns home? Remember the President himself said those pyramids in Egypt  sure are big. So is his task.


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