Those Pesky North Koreans

Live from Pyongyang or those missile launches just keep on coming. I believe the latest total is six for the week and more  are undoubtedly on the way. We are sending our special  envoy, Stephen Bosworth and Deputy Secretary of State  James Steinberg. Their itinerary will include South Korea of course and China, among other stops. Though Hilary just went to China a  week or so ago. I would have thought that was sufficient, but, alas, it must not have been.

Both US and South  Korean troops are on high alert but Defense Secretary Robert (not Bill) Gates says no more troops are needed at this time.

Meanwhile the United Nations debates tougher sanctions,  sure to make North Korea even more unhappy . They probably should not worry since  many uUN  members already ignore existing sanctions, so big deal. Our president has already said that ” North Korea is directly and recklessly challenging the international community.” That, my friends, is true. But balance that statement with one by national security adviser James Jones. He said a few days ago that they’re not an imminent threat. He added that nothing they have done has surprised us. How would you like to be  part of the 25, 000 + American troops stationed there as sort of a tripwire. You go after South Korea, you go after us.

South Korean troops preparing for what ?

South Korean troops preparing for what ?

I certainly hope the Obama people don’t get surprised down the road, since I am not so sure that even Kim-Jong-Il knows what he is doing next.


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