Justice Sonya Sotomayor

Perhaps I am jumping the gun a bit, but I really don’t think so. Short of Judge Sotomayor withdrawing or the President changing his mind and nominating himself( he is a constitutional law scholar, you know) . I believe she is a virtual lock for the court. Whether that is good or bad for the high court and/or the country is something that time will tell us. What I would like to focus on  instead are  some of the comments that have been made in the brief time since her nomination was announced. Many have  spoken from the President to the nominee herself.

Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor

Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor

Mr. Obama said that she arrives at the high court with more experience than anyone now serving there. Unnamed aides expanded that to include the last century. There have only been 110 justices and the last century would include such names as Thurgood Marshall, Oliver Wendell Holmes , Hugo Black and Felix Frankfurter .

Our friend Charles Schumer , D, NY said that Republicans would oppose her at their “own peril” adding that the confirmation hearings would be more a referendum on the Republicans, huh?

Carlos Ortiz is the chairman of  the Supreme Court Committee in the Hispanic National Bar Association. He typified her as a brilliant but humble and   ordinary person. He went on to say that it is his belief that   Hispanics and all Americans and people around the world would have greater pride in and respect for the United States than ever before. Sounds almost like a comment made about the President, does it not?

Perhaps the most prophetic comment comes from Jonah Goldberg at the National Review Online. He called Obama’s move a brilliant bit of political strategy. He picked ” the most left-leaning Hispanic possible/ confirm-able”. And he thus dares Republicans to vote against her and risk being typecast as anti- Hispanic.

As a close, I  will share a prediction made about the nominee in 1997 by El Rushbo. On September 30, 1997 he urged Republicans to block her nomination as she was extremely liberal and was on a “rocket -ship to the Supreme Court. Looks like that ship is about to land.


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  1. What is the true meaning of this nomination?
    The proposed “hate crime bill”, is directed towards Christians, Jews and Mexicans.
    Maybe O needs a Hispanic so that when he “brings about change involving Latinos she can pacify them, and prevent any major crisis.
    Remember the proposed opening of the borders to Cubans, close to mexicans.
    Holder and his past relationship with Cuba- Elian Gonzales case.
    Look up Gunbanobama.com.
    Gun control, and all the cabinet post.
    Obama needs people he can control who will not oppose him in anyway.

    Comment by Pecan Prince | May 28, 2009 | Reply

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