The Media Bandwagon for Obama

If possible and I doubted that it was, the media is moving to a new level of  Obamaitis or whatever term you might choose to conjure up. Try these  examples. Newsweek has a cover article, with photo, entitled Obama on Obama . Now who wouldn’t like a title like that. I was gonna read the whole article and actually did read excerpts. But after one of the first sentences, maybe the first, spoke of how the President was coming around to loving power, I decided I had had enough. By the way, one  can compliment Jon Meacham if one is enamored with the article.

Example #2 would be Time who certainly could not be outdone. Their cover article, accompanied by an extremely close, closeup; was entitled,The Meaning of Michele. This of course refers to the first lady For this article we thank Nancy Gibbs  and Michael Scherer . As Paul Harvey might have said, one more?, Alright. U.S. News and World Report devotes  their entire issue to the Obama Revolution. Based on the cover, it presumes to tell us how the President is changing everything. Whether that is true or good or bad, remains to be seen.

Can we describe the overall coverage as fawning, to a degree yes. Oh wait, one comment about where the media has erred. Where is the cover article about Bo, probably the greatest First Family pet ever? Remember, he is the same breed as Ted Kennedy’s dogs. Okay,  Dog World and Dog Fancy, what is wrong with you guys? Bo must have equal treatment!

Do you sometimes wonder though  if there is a disconnect between Obama policies and Obama the individual ? I suppose that has been true with many presidents, although not all.  I think that #44 probably ranks#1 or maybe #2 as far as the media goes.But it is still early, only four months into the term. Perhaps TOTUS can conjure up some words of wisdom to further burnish the image. Stay tuned.

After all, he has nominated for the Supreme Court a judge who might just have saved baseball a decade or so ago. More on Ms. Sotomayor later.


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  1. We sure can not rely on the media any more to report the news as it is. Very good post!

    Comment by goodtimepolitics | May 27, 2009 | Reply

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