Win, Win for Obama?

President Obama definitely has Gitmo on his mind. He seems to be pressing forward with his efforts to close the facility. This despite a 90-6 defeat in the senate on money needed to fund the closing. And, despite fierce opposition in Congress, he announced that some  terror suspects would be sent from Gitmo to prisons in the United States.

He called the Guantanamo experiment misguided, a mess etc and that he is going to fix what the Bush administration messed up. He further decried the ” fear-mongering” that is hindering his efforts. Pretty savvy, huh? Whatever problem exists, it’s Bush’s fault and he inherited it. A slight aside; a major campaign promise was to close Gitmo in one year. We  have 8 months to go. Back to our regularly scheduled post.

A defiant Obama, one article put  it, is still determined to get his way on Gitmo.Press Secretary Gibbs said today that the deadline still holds and there are many different options for handling the detainees. Wonder how many will go to Yemen, who really doesn’t care to restrict their activities. Or, as Jon Stewart put it in February, maybe even dancing squads.

One final comment, Senator Joe Lieberman, Democratic-republican Party says you cant just release them anywhere. This is  in contrast to Senator Dianne Feinstein, D(CA). She says send a bunch to Colorado. Colorado’s response, a deafening silence to this point. So, we have he says, he said, she says, etc.

It is proving to be quite an interesting thing to observe.

Gitmo Aerial View( Prison not visible)

Gitmo Aerial View( Prison not visible)


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