I Just Don’t Get It

Ok, I am going to say it. I do not get the appeal of American Idol. I know it garners millions of  television viewers, more than any other show. Untold millions call in to voice their support of one or the other contestant. Supposedly over 100 million votes were cast after Tuesday’s showdown between the top two contestants. Over the course  of the season , some 624 million(can that be right?) votes were cast. No doubt, there were multiple votes cast by many people. I am aware that Simon Cowell, Paula Abdul, Randy Jackson and Ryan Seacrest are somewhat household names. Doubtless, all have made significant money from the show.

I will admit to having watched much less than an episode in total. So, why don;t I get it or watch it even care about the show. I will own to having heard some negative comments about Mr Cowell and he does seem to come across as arrogant. I have even wondered if it’s the title itself that gives me pause. Think about it, American Idol, the word idol denoting somebody or something greatly admired, even to excess. And it can even denote worship which I rather doubt is the case here, but does it border on an obsession, perhaps?

Oh well, it shall end  soon and I can return to ignoring it  even more than  I do now. What night does it come on again, Tuesday? No wonder, that is NCIS night. Now, that is a topic for discusson and soon.


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  1. American Idol is one thing I do not try to keep up with at all! To me its stupid to begin with. I will stick to my old westerns and space movies.

    Comment by goodtimepolitics | May 21, 2009 | Reply

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