“Busy, Busy,Busy”

So said Professor Hinkle in Frosty the Snowman, made for television in 1969.

Frosty and the Professor

Frosty and the Professor

And so he was, running helter skelter, here and there. a sentiment which we all voice on a regular, almost daily basis. we use as our reason for many things, oftentimes as the reason why we do not do this or that. But are we really busy?

We have multitudes of labor and time saving devices that were unknown or little known to previous generations. Of course, the computer, the microwave, the cell phone, power this and that. All are designed to make life easier as well as to ease our time crunch.

So, why do so many of us persist in saying we are so busy and actually believing that it is so, whether  it is or not ?  Actually, there is a sort of two-fold answer. Some people actually are legitimately busy- doctors, heads of state, single moms come to mind quickly. And there are others. I would like to posit that many, if not most, of us are as busy as we choose to be. I remember a dear friend of ours from years ago, whose husband was a physician. She  was quite active in a number of worthwhile things, to the point where she actually seemed busier than he. Her activities, it seemed to me however, were things she chose to do. That doesn’t negate them by any means or devalue them. But it just seems  that it was a  different kind of busy.

So, to help you in your busyness, I leave you  with two quotes. One is from musicians Simon and Garfunkel and their song ” Feeling Groovy” ( 59th Street Bridge Song)

Slow down, you move too fast, you’ve got to make the morning last

Just kickin’ down the cobble-stones,lookin’ for fun and feelin’ groovy

And even more profound from Psalm 46:10

Be still and know that  I am God…



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