The Evil Plastic Bag

You’ve seen them, you’ve used them. They are somewhat ubiquitous in our country. The plastic bag. The grocery store, Wal-Mart, restaurant take out and on and on. Some people even use them as low cost garbage bags at home. Good or bad? Oh, they are somewhere else as well. Look on the roadside, any roadside, vacant lot, etc. They must have the power to travel on their own; how else could they get so many places?

Most people would concur that there are too many of them. I usually get many more than needed every time I go the grocery store. So, the grocery thoughtfully provides a  container for us to recycle said bags. Are these use, oh yeah. Many bags seem to be recycled. So what is the problem? There are evidently, still way too many flying free.

What to do? Answer, tax them, of course. Add a stick to  the carrot of imploring people to use reusable bags . That’s what state Senator Marc Basnight, D, Dare County, NC is proposing. He is advocating a tax of 10-20 cents per bag in at least 3 ( Dare, Currituck, Hyde) of our state’s counties. The money would go towards education( of course, who could ever disagree with that) . He said that he would rather the tax raised no money which would mean that  no plastic bags were being  used.

So, it sounds good , does it not? Behavior  change by taxation , if we are lucky, maybe it will bring about some  good behavior . Just a few questions though.

  • Why not do it statewide
  • Spend the money on the environment, the schools have the lottery, right?
  • 2,500,000 used annually in Dare with 5% recycled, where are the rest(souvenirs, perhaps)
  • Who will benefit from the tax
  • Who will be harmed
  • Where are the old brown paper bags

Certainly the honorables in Raleigh will make wise choices. Oh well, off to the grocery store, don’t worry, I will use the minimum number of plastic bags. You do the same!

Check out  these two slightly different sources.

Vancouver Sun

Plastic Bag Association


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