Joe Biden Says…………

Our favorite talking Democrat is at it again. Vice-President Joe Biden has taken it upon himself to give advice regarding the “swine flu” epidemic. And what pearls of wisdom did he share? Speaking on the Today Show , he shard the advice that he had given his family. Avoid the subway, commercial air travel etc. Within an hour his office issued a clarification or something and Press Secretary Robert Gibbs issued an apology.

Now, giving old Joe the benefit of the doubt, it may not be bad advice for his family but th share such info with potentially millions is somewhat unnecessary and could even prove to be economically damaging. Remember, follow the carpenter’s axiom. Measure twice, cut once. Think twice or thrice , Mr Vice- President and maybe speak once.

Or to quote TOTUS’ blog,” I don’t know what’s worse, that the man has an attention span of a gnat, or his incurable case of foot n mouth disease. ”

Maybe  Joe needs to take a long trip somewhere quiet, but not on a commercial airline of course. Think Obama was mad, betcha he was indeed. That makes at least twice  this week that we know about. Mr Biden, meet Mr Louis Caldera.


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