Oops, They Did It Again

By now, you have probably heard of the photo-op flyover that took place in New York City yesterday. Predictably, New Yorkers went into something of a panic. You know, Air Force One being trailed by a fighter jet , buzzing the Statue Of Liberty and nobody fessing up as to what was happening.

Now, everybody who is anybody is angry. Senator Schumer, Senator McCain, Mayor Bloomberg and President Obama who did not know what was going on but promised it would never happen again. You gotta wonder, what were these folks thinking. Start with the FAA boss, James Johnson, who knew that there might be some” public concern ” but demanded total secrecy from a number of agencies and threatened federal sanctions if word got out. How about the guy who approved this thing- joy ride? His name is Louis Caldera, head( for now ) of the White House Military Office. He has apologized, wow.

Oh yes, back to the FAA. Among the agaencies that were threatened with federal sanctions if word got out, the Secret Service. May I reiterate that the President did not know about this in advance . Maybe he should talk to some of his people about what did or did not happen. Have you noticed that he never knows about these things( remember the DHS memo and Secretary Napolitano?) Better batten down those hatches fellows. The ride may get a bit bumpy.

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