Looks Like A Duck, Sounds Like A Duck, So…

My apologies to the AFLAC duck and my neighborhood  friend, Henry the Duck. But the analogy just fits quite well. We are speaking now in presidential terms. Since Mr Obama looks presidential and sounds presidential(except when he and TOTUS are not in harmony) he must be presidential, right?

A bit more evidence, OK. Our friend Joe(Blue collar) Biden says Obama is a cross between Denzel Washington and Franklin Roosevelt.  Furthermore, he, Biden, knew a couple of years ago that Obama was a genius.

Now, we have Harry Reid quoting Obama after reid praised him for a speech some 2+ years ago;” I have a gift”.

Well, is he as Biden says or as Reid says he said? Think it may be a bit early but if the broadcast media has its way, who knows.

Think on this, Obama was golfing yesterday, nothing wrong with that, of course. The comment was made by a spokesman that he was receiving hourly updates on the growing swine flu problem. Imagine Bush doing the same( fyi- there is already a group blaming senate republicans for aggravating the flu problem by not confirming Kathleen Sebelius) and the imagine the response.



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